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This vessel was added to the IOTC IUU list in May 2015 for operating in the IOTC Convention Area without authorisation. This vessel claimed Taiwanese registry at the time of IUU listing. However, official Taiwanese sources stated this vessel was falsely claiming a Taiwanese flag and has never been registered under the Taiwanese flag. History of activities and ownership of vessel are scarce, but records show the vessel landed fish in Phuket, Thailand in 2013.
Maan Yih Hsing

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RFMO Status Date listed Reason Delisted Delisted Reason
NAFO IUU Listed 2023-10-11 Cross-listing
CCSBT IUU Listed 2020-02-26 Cross-listing
SIOFA IUU Listed 2020 Cross-listing
ICCAT IUU Listed 2015-10-02 Following IOTC
IOTC IUU Listed 2015-05-01 Operating in the IOTC area without authorisation
NEAFC IUU Listed 2015 Cross-listing

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