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EASRON (IND-TN-15-MM4861) was first boarded and inspected by British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) authorities on 28 September 2022 in BIOT waters. The vessel did not submit a transit report prior to entry into the BIOT EEZ. The vessel was not on the current IOTC Record of Authorised Vessels and was unauthorised to fish. The vessel was fishing illegally without a licence within BIOT waters and has been observed in BIOT twice in 2022. The vessel had no VMS present onboard, did not carry a national logbook and found fish and fishing gear on the vessel. Species identified from hold inspections included IOTC managed species, Kawakawa (Euthynnus affinis) amongst other tuna like species, reef fish and sharks. The vessel was instructed to leave the BIOT EEZ but it did not comply and adjusted course, returning to fishing grounds. The vessel was boarded and inspected a second time by BIOT authorities on 18 January 2023. The vessel was fishing illegally in BIOT waters without a licence. This vessel was IOTC IUU listed on 10 May 2023 whilst flagged to India and under ownership of MR JELASTIN.
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NAFO IUU Listed 2023-10-11 Cross-listing
SIOFA IUU Listed 2023-07-11 Cross-listing
CCSBT IUU Listed 2023-07-11 Cross-listing
ICCAT IUU Listed 2023-05-19 Cross-listing
IOTC IUU Listed 2023-05-10 Not on Record of Authorised Vessels (RAV). Fishing in coastal state waters without authorization. Incorrect makings. Contravention of IOTC CMMs (e.g. VMS).

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