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This vessel was added to the IOTC and ICCAT IUU Lists in June 2019 due to its involvement in IUU fishing in Somalia and vessel identification fraud. This vessels flag history and other vessel details are unclear. Through January-February 2017, this vessel was identified on AIS, alongside 5 other vessels, transiting through the Indian Ocean on course to Djibouti and Puntland. Throughout this voyage, all 6 vessels shifted between displaying Thailand and Djibouti details on AIS. AIS data shows this vessel displaying a Thailand flag on 2 February 2017. Other sources suggest all 6 vessels were Djibouti flagged in the first quarter of 2017. All 6 vessels, including CHOTCHAINAVEE 35 were observed on AIS trawl fishing within the Somalia EEZ between March and May 2017. Trawl fishing was prohibited by Somali law and Puntland at the time. The CHOTCHAINAVEE 35 left the Somali EEZ mid-April 2017, arrived in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, on 6 May 2017 and was subsequently detained and inspected. Inspections found vessel with double the catch limit of 270,000 kg of fish and had no VMS system onboard. This vessel possessed a Puntland fishing license but had no authorisation to fish by the Somali government. This vessel was owned by Thai company Green Laurel International SARL and beneficially owned by SVG Fisheries Development at the time of compliance issues. Due to an inability of this vessels owner to provide clear evidence to show the catch onboard this vessel was obtained legally, Thailand’s criminal court found this vessel and its owners guilty of illegal fishing in Somalia and issued a $16 million fine. These legal proceedings also uncovered operational and ownership connections between this vessel and 2 others, CHOTPATTANA 51 and 55. This vessel had its Djibouti flag revoked on 1 June 2017, thus was stateless when compliance issues occurred in 2017. Sources indicate this vessel may have reflagged to Somalia in February 2018.
Fishing Vessel, Trawler
Green Laurel International SARL
Ko Tao, Thailand / Gulf Of Thailand

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Green Laurel International SARL

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NAFO IUU Listed 2023-10-11 Cross-listing
CCSBT IUU Listed 2020-02-26 Cross-listing
SIOFA IUU Listed 2020 Cross-listing
ICCAT IUU Listed 2019-06-01 Cross-listing
IOTC IUU Listed 2019-06
NEAFC IUU Listed 2019-06 Cross-listing

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Last observed: 2023-10-09 - Observation is older than 3 months.

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