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This vessel was detained by Spanish authorities alongside the NORTHERN WARRIOR (8808903) on 22 March 2016 for requesting access to Vigo port with false documentation and was suspected of illegal fishing offences. These vessels were stateless at the time of detention, and both owned by World Ocean Fishing SL. This vessel was included in the CCAMLR IUU list on 28 October 2016 for supporting IUU listed vessels in the CCAMLR Convention Area. These vessels are linked with companies investigated during ‘Operation Sparrow’, a Spanish led search for evidence of companies linked to IUU fishing, specifically the poaching of Patagonian toothfish in Antarctic waters.
Fishing Vessel
197200, 197208
Shimizu, Shizuoka, Miho Zosensho K.K. Shimizu, Japan
World Ocean Fishing SL; World Oceans Fishing SL
Broken Up

Commercial History

Name History

From To Name
2012-05-31 ANTONY
1997-07-01 2012-05-31 URGORA
1985-01-01 1997-07-01 ATLANTIC OJI NO. 33, ATLANTIC OJI MARU NO. 33
1985-01-01 OJI MARU NO. 33

Flag History

From To Flag
2014-09 Unknown
2015-02-02 2016-02-29 Indonesia
2012-05-31 2014-09 Belize
2007-04-01 2012-05-31 Panama
1996-01 2007-04-01 Honduras
1996-01 Venezuela

Owner History

From To Owner
2012-05-31 World Ocean Fishing SL; World Oceans Fishing SL
1996-12-01 2012-05-31 Urgora S de RL
1996-12-01 Atlanti Pez

Operator History

From To Operator
2012-05-31 2015-02-02 World Ocean Fishing SL; World Oceans Fishing SL
2012-05-31 Urgora S de RL

IRCS History

From To IRCS
2015-02-02 2016 PQMG
2015 V3SH7

National Reg No

From To Reg.No

RFMO History

RFMO Status Date listed Reason Delisted Delisted Reason
NAFO IUU Listed 2023-10-11 Cross-listing
CCSBT IUU Listed 2020-02-26 Cross-listing
IOTC IUU Listed 2019-12 Cross-listing
SIOFA IUU Listed 2019 Cross-listing
ICCAT IUU Listed 2019 Cross-listing
CCAMLR IUU Listed 2016-10-28 Supporting IUU listed vessels
NEAFC IUU Listed 2016 Cross-listing
SEAFO IUU Listed 2016 From CCAMLR

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