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This vessel landed catch at the port of Phuket, Thailand in 2013 whilst flying a Taiwan flag. In 2015 Taiwan showed A vessel named SIN SHUN FA NO. 6 is a registered fishing vessel in Taiwan. However, the registered SIN SHUN FA NO. 6 is smaller and only operates in the high seas close to Taiwan. The registered vessel also provided data logger evidence showing it never operated in the Indian Ocean in 2013. Furthermore, the registration number provided by this larger SIN SHUN FA 6 vessel correlates to a vessel scrapped in 2012 in Taiwan. Thus, the vessel landing catch at the port of Phuket was operating illegally under the credentials of legal Taiwanese fishing vessels. This vessel was included in the IOTC IUU list in May 2015 due to these findings. Vessel ownership at the time of IUU activity and upon IUU listing is unknown.
Sin Shun Fa 6

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RFMO History

RFMO Status Date listed Reason Delisted Delisted Reason
NAFO IUU Listed 2023-10-11 Cross-listing
CCSBT IUU Listed 2020-02-26 Cross-listing
SIOFA IUU Listed 2020 Cross-listing
ICCAT IUU Listed 2015-10-02 Following IOTC
IOTC IUU Listed 2015-05-01 Operating in the IOTC area without authorisation
NEAFC IUU Listed 2015 Cross-listing

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